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Postage: Gauteng, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban - R65
Smaller towns and rural areas - R120

For International orders contact: Reinette, +27(0)72-582 4417

Gr 12 Mathematics Final/Pre-lim Exam preparation pack (video course and 3 books)

Math Package - 9 Books

Math NBT English Prep Tool Workbook

Quantitative Literacy booklet

Jalapeno Paper 1 - English

Jalapeno Paper 2 - English

Gr 11 Revision for Gr 11's & Gr 12's

Gr 12 Revision booklet

Skills Enhancer for NBT

Math 12 Exam Prep Pack

Bridge Book

Wiskunde pakket - 9 boeke

Wiskunde NBT Afr. Voorbereidings Werkboek

Kwantitatiewe Geletterdheid

Jalapeno Vraestel 1 - Afrikaans

Jalapeno Vraestel 2 - Afrikaans

Gr 11 Hersiening vir Gr 11's en Gr 12's

Gr 12 Hersiening Boekie

Vaardigheids Ontwikkeling

Wiskunde 12 Eksamen voorbereidings- bundel

Cambridge AS Math Bridge Pack